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Dangers Of HGH Reviews

So the fact is that HGH is definitely not legal.  But is it safe?  According to studies I’ve read, with regular use there are no real big side effects.  And they obviously use it for certain medical conditions, whereas if you produce too much HGH, obviously that would have a seriously detrimental effect for you.  But there are not that many people with that particular problem, otherwise known as gigantism.  It is widely available through HGH stimulating products, though the real HGH stuff is of course illegal and it is banned by major sports groups as well such as the Olympics and MLB. 

It is made by the pituitary gland and essentially controls many parts of youth and aging.  It can be helpful for multiple reasons including to increase lean muscle mass, burn more fat, improve skin, reduce signs of aging in general, etc.  It decreases with age.  But apparently they consider it that dangerous, because obviously they banned it.  So what are these side effects?  Well long term abuse can lead to irregular heart rhythms, increased diabetes risk, and joint or facial deformities.  But with moderate use and even long term moderate use, there are as of yet no side effects. So…..I still fail to see it.

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