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GHR1000 Reviews

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GHR 1000 claims that “just because you’re getting older, doesn’t mean you have to feel older”. With their formula that promises greater amounts of the effective ingredients than any other product on the market, GHR 1000 advertises that you will feel and look younger than ever before. Unfortunately, they made the mistake of claiming to use an FDA certified lab, which is simply not true. The FDA just does not actually approve or control in many ways HGH supplements in general. They also fail to provide a valid money back guarantee. They only provide refunds for unopened bottles, meaning if you tried and failed to see results you are out $90.

What Ingredients are in GHR1000?

GHR has a few testosterone builders and amino acids, making it appropriate only for men. But it lacks even one ingredient proven to actually stimulate the growth of HGH such as colostrum, tribulus terrestis, or otherwise. This is a common mistake in the industry unfortunately, and they only use small quantities of the ingredients they do have, further frustrating the process.

What Else Should I Know about GHR1000?

With GHR 1000, you get a lot of problems and deficiencies. It does not have the right ingredients, the right amounts, or anything else that would denote results. Unfortunately, that does mean that you won’t see results, and we would not recommend this particular product.

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GHR1000 Customer Reviews

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  1. Dan C 02/28/2013

    I am a 47 year old male and work out a few times a week. After trying GHR 1000 for just one month, I noticed a boost in energy and also lost 5 lbs of body fat.

  2. Nolan Brooke 03/23/2013

    I thought after reading your site that i had found a real good alternative to staroids, safer, legal, n reliable, but afte doing more research i realize that trying your suppliment would b just as frustrating as most of the others. just another company using tiny amounts of ingredients that bring no noticable results, and lies about approval frm the fda n false garuntees. i dont understand how u can b proud of your wrk when ur not fully doing everything you can to present a truely gd n productive/helpful supplimen to your sorely mistaken customers. If my job was to fing/create a product to change lives thru health improvement n boost the positeve results n shave down the time to get to the goal. money humgry frauds. If u actually had something nobody else did n sold something people really loved n could use to change their lives n become healthier happier beings then you would make much more money, on top of the risidual income from all the repeat costumers. instead all ur doing is fooling people once n burning those bridges one order at a time. how does it feel to b truly unaridginal? If I’m truly mistaken, then please show me my error. I’m a respected bodybuilder in my area who trains n advises many on their routine n redgiments through diet n wrking out. If your stuff wrked, i would def promote you because of my own excellent expeirience. but i doubt your product would surprise or satisfy me at all. good luck with your scams.

    • admin 03/26/2013

      Nolan, Thank you for your input on GHR1000. However, you should be aware that only reviews HGH products and recommends them by providing a link to the official site. We do not sell products or scam customers. We try to provide honest, up-to-date information.

  3. Luis 05/01/2013

    GHR1000 did wonders for me and even improved my sleeping patterns by increasing them substantially. I gained muscle mass and lost fat continuously. I’ve been a customer for years. Don’t knock it because it sells !! Just promote what you want and leave the rest out. It only shows your out to get the one company who probably outsells the ones you are promoting !!!!!

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