Florence Welsh
November 24, 2015

HGH From China

It seems like everything is imported from China.  In this case, a jury in Denver, Colorado substantiated an indictment against College Pharmacy in Colorado Springs for importing illegal HGH from China and distributing it among customers.  Thomas Bader, age 63, and Kevin Henry, age 56, have been arrested as owner and sales representative, and they were arrested as of August 28, 2007 by special agents from the FDA.  Bradley Blum, age 36 who was apparently a representative for the Houston company who helped them to import it from China has also been charged at this time. 

The big thing is that of course it’s illegal except in the treatment of certain disorders.  But in addition to that, no HGH imported from China has ever been approved for that purpose or use in the United States in general.  My thought is they obviously thought they could make a huge profit off it and did, but also HGH from China was cheaper and easier to get.  But did it ever occur to them that there is a reason it’s cheaper?  I mean HGH is a hot commodity right now, it’s going to be expensive if you buy it legitimately or if you illegally import it.  Why would they provide better prices like that?

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