Florence Welsh
November 28, 2015

How to Gain Muscle Fast and Get Rid of Fat

how to gain muscle fastNo matter how many crunches you do, you won’t be able to get a ripped six pack without getting rid of the fat that accumulates between your skin and muscle tissue.

But dieting and weight lifting are often incompatible since cutting back on your calories can often cause the deterioration of muscle tissue and increasing your muscle production can cause you to gain weight — every dieter’s nightmare.

So how do you reconcile these two methods to get the body you’ve always wanted? Below you will find some simple changes that you can make to your workout and diet so that you can optimize your body for the production of lean muscle mass and for getting rid of unwanted fat tissue.

Get Rid of Stress

Whether you are more interested in eliminating adipose tissue or you are focused on building muscle fast, stress from work or relationships can be impairing your progress either way.

An increase in stress can cause you to produce more cortisol, a hormone that can cause your metabolism to plummet and your appetite to spike, causing an increase in the production of fat.

But persistent stress can also impair your muscles’ ability to recover from a hard workout, according to new research in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise.

Research at the University of Texas found that undergraduate students who reported higher stress levels started seeing more plateaus in their heavy-resistance exercise performance.

“Your body is in a state of physical stress after a tough workout,” says author Matt Stults-Kolehmainen, and you don’t need to add any more mental stress. So do your body a favor and find some outlet that will keep you stress free and happy.

If you are doing everything you can to get rid of stress but it still doesn’t seem to be enough, you should consider implementing an HGH supplement that can help your body restore and repair damaged tissues, as well as keep your metabolism running at top speed. You can read more about your options with HGH products at www.hghmeds.org.

Vary Your Protein Sources

It’s hardly new news that protein can help you produce more muscle tissue faster, but you might be following outdated advice when it comes to where you are getting that protein.

Relying only on animal sources such as chicken, fish, beef and pork can be seriously limiting the amount of amino acids you are getting, as well as adding more calories than you need. These extra calories can only feed the excess fat stores that are causing your muscles to look less toned and powerful than you really are.

Instead, try to implement some plant-sources for protein into your diet such as legumes and grains such as quinoa that have a surprisingly large amount of protein with almost no fat and very few calories.

Don’t Skip on Sleep

You may feel that you are doing your body a huge favor by rolling out of bed and getting that early-morning workout in, but if you are getting less sleep because of it, you could be doing your body more harm than you think.

Your body relies on sleep to repair tissues and rebuild new ones — such as muscle fibers. This means that if you aren’t getting between 7-9 hours, your body isn’t able to rebuild the muscle that is essential to continuously improving your workout.

Also, if you are not sleeping, you could be needlessly increasing your appetite and the amount of calories that you take in each day. Research shows that those who skip on sleep end up eating much more throughout the day to make up for their lack of energy.

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