Florence Welsh
December 1, 2015

Human Growth Hormone for Women: Is it Safe?

human growth hormone for womenWhile some women are supplementing with human growth hormone (HGH) to win figure competitions, others are learning to inject themselves with synthetic HGH not to improve their physiques, but to fight wrinkles and smooth their skin.

HGH is most often talked about as being abused by infamous bodybuilders like Sylvester Stalone and baseball players like Barry Bonds but as it creeps into the feminine realm, ourselves and health critics can’t help but wonder, is the practice of using HGH for body betterment safe?

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What are the Benefits of HGH?

In our pre- and mid-puberty years, HGH levels are at their peak because that’s the period when the body does the most growing. However, as we age, our HGH levels tend to taper off because the body doesn’t believe it needs HGH in as high amounts anymore.

The results? Decreased muscle mass, increased body fat, wrinkles, joint problems, deteriorating eyesight and memory etc. etc. etc.
For this reason, people (and more recently, women) are turning to HGH to fight these inevitable signs of aging.

HGH for Muscle Building

Whether they’re trying to win Ms. International as a female bodybuilder or are simply looking to score a contract with Sports Illustrated, women are turning to HGH more now than ever before as a way to build lean muscle and tone their physiques.

However, let’s not get HGH mixed up with anabolic steroids or testosterone. Anabolic steroids mimic the effects of testosterone on the body and are used my men who want to add bulk quickly. While the female body also produces testosterone, increasing a women’s testosterone levels unnaturally can result in extremely unwanted consequences (let’s think facial hair).

HGH on the other hand is produced equally by men and woman and is simply responsible for growth and cell rejuvenation in the body. For this reason, health-conscious fitness competitors often supplement with this hormone.

HGH for Anti-Aging

human growth hormone for womenA 2009 article released on ABC news discusses the new trend for women to turn to HGH supplements for their anti-aging benefits.

Former model Amanda Whatley began taking human growth hormone to battle the onset of wrinkles and comments, “At this point I’m on the cusp of watching myself go swish,” she said. “I just feel so much better and my skin, my skin glows.”

It’s true that supplementing with HGH can improve the skin’s texture and elasticity because it encourages the production of collagen. Additionally, HGH can aid in weight loss and prevent the deterioration of lean muscle.

Even plastic surgeon and anti-aging specialist Dr. Fred Aguilar believes in the anti-aging effects of HGH. He says, “Some of the really dramatic improvements [of HGH] are fat reduction, because [HGH] helps metabolize fat.”

Although we may have you convinced that supplementing with HGH is leading you to the fountain of youth, models and fitness competitors who are trying to fight the signs of aging and improve their body composition are often turning to illegal HGH injections to get their kicks.

Dr. Aguilar says that he prescribes HGH to less than 1% of his patients and without a Dr. prescription, purchasing or using HGH injections are illegal.

Why are HGH injections Illegal?

Although HGH can have incredibly positive effects on the body, when you reverse a natural process so abruptly, there are going to be negative side effects.

If HGH injections are abused, they can leave to problems like:

• Acromegaly (uncontrolled bone growth)
• Fluid retention
• Carpal tunnel syndrome
• Joint pain
• Liver damage

There’s a Safer Alternative

human growth hormone for womenAlthough purchasing illegal HGH injections may help you smooth your wrinkles and set back the aging process a year or two, we’re not convinced they’re worth the price (about $30 per injection) or the potential side effects.

Because of this, natural HGH supplements have been created that work because they contain ingredients that encourage the body to produce more HGH rather than incorporating a synthetic form in HGH into the system.

Natural HGH supplement are safe to be used by both men and women for everything from anti-aging to promoting muscle growth. These supplements are relatively inexpensive when compared with the price of injections and they’re essentially side effect free. Additionally, natural hgh supplements produce the same effects as the injections, just a bit slower.

In regards to the question, “is HGH safe for women?” The answer is yes. However, we’d recommend natural hgh supplements over synthetic injections no matter how unsatisfied you are with your crow’s feet.

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  1. Gity 09/12/2012

    At what age you can use this supplements. I am a female and 53 years old, do you think i will be a good candidate for this. I am very healthy, with exception of high cholesterol and i want to use hgh, but i don’t know if my age is ok to take it.


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