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64 Reviews

SeroVital HGH Reviews


“I have found the fountain of youth,” exclaims Ronald Reavis. “It is called Serovital HGH.”

This is but one of many consumer reviews advocating SeroVital as an anti-aging supplement.

Supposedly, SeroVital holds the secret to losing weight, increasing lean muscle mass, enhancing mood, strengthening bones, and improving sex drive.

It is said to achieve these effects by increasing HGH levels naturally with clinically proven amino acids.

But what sets SeroVital apart from other HGH releasers?

I did a little digging into SeroVital to find out if it could really live up to its reputation.

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Why Is SeroVital So Popular?

SeroVital is receiving a lot of news coverage since Dr. Oz mentioned its unique study on his show.

“A recent study showed that patients given a special blend of amino acids saw their HGH levels spike more than 6 times the levels they had at the beginning of the study.” [1]

Consumers should note Dr. Oz did not mention SeroVital on his show nor did he endorse the product specifically. However, SeroVital’s entire marketing program is based around the idea that this supplement increases HGH by as much as 682%. It doesn’t take much for consumers to put two and two together.

With Dr. Oz’s feature, consumers quickly flocked to the product. Pretty soon, SeroVital attracted attention from professionals such as Kevin Bennett, celebrity makeup artist.

“I’m over 50-years-old and after 4 weeks on SeroVital I was being asked, by numerous people, what I was doing to my skin,” he told reporters. “I’m impressed. The lines around my eyes have diminished and my overall skin texture is smoother and firmer. Here’s the biggest shock – I haven’t touched up my Botox in 10 months (which means it’s gone), yet people are still commenting about how much “better” I look. This skeptic has been schooled. “[2]

With such positive endorsements, it’s easy to see why consumers are stocking up on SeroVital. In fact, manufacturers can’t produce SeroVital fast enough to satisfy demand.

Chantelle Daines, Media Consultant, explains:

“It’s easy to see what an influence Dr. Oz has on people’s health decisions. . . .Although he doesn’t endorse any product, his sheer enthusiasm for the research behind SeroVital clearly got people excited. Within days of the show airing we were having trouble keeping SeroVital in stock!” [3]

In order to meet demand, Sierra Research Group joined forces with Novex Biotech, SanMedical International, and Alphagen BiotTech to ramp up production. [4]

Although SeroVital is making headlines with its latest research, I’m not ready to jump on the bandwagon just yet.

The only way to tell if a product works is to analyze the ingredients and their concentrations.

Are the Ingredients Effective?

SeroVital, like so many other HGH releasers before it, consists primarily of amino acids. These amino acids supposedly stimulate the pituitary gland to promote HGH production and optimize performance.

L-Lysine. Like many amino acids, lysine is essential for muscle building and collagen. It also plays a key role in calcium absorption, enzyme and hormone production, and boosting immunity.
Studies show lysine works synergistically with arginine to increase HGH production, but only when used in high doses. [5]

L-Arginine. Arginine shows the most potential when it comes to boosting HGH production. Researchers found arginine increases resting growth hormone levels at least 100%, and when combined with exercise, this amount doubles!

However, the study featured 5-9 g arginine. It is unknown if SeroVital contains enough arginine in order to be effective. [6]
Oxo-Proline. Oxo-proline is an amino acid derived from glutamic acid.

Studies show oxo-proline transports amino acids across the blood brain barrier.[7] This in turn could potentially increase the effectiveness of other amino acids in SeroVital’s formula.

However, animal studies also suggest oxo-proline could elicit oxidative stress, potentially damaging proteins, lipids, and even DNA. [8]

Since there is no clinical information analyzing oxo-proline’s direct effect on HGH, I’m not convinced the benefit outweighs the risk.

N-Acetyl L-Cysteine. N-Acetyl L-Cysteine is broken down into cysteine (an amino acid for protein production) and glutathione, a powerful antioxidant.

According to experts, NAC may be effective for eliminating toxins and reduce oxidative stress.

Unfortunately, there are no studies verifying NAC’s effects on HGH.

L-Glutamine. Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid found in the body. It removes excess ammonia, protecting muscles from stress during intensive physical activity.

Studies suggest increased HGH levels may optimize glutamine levels, but there is not enough research to determine if the relationship goes both ways.

Schizonepeta. Japanese Catnip is traditionally used to reduce inflammation and inhibit allergic reactions.

But once again, research is limited. There are no human trials suggesting schizonepeta to be an effective ingredient to boost HGH.

Is SeroVital Proven to Work?

According to research presented at the Obesity Society’s 30th Annual Scientific Meeting, this ingredient blend increases plasma HGH in as little as 120 minutes after ingestion.

However, study details are not available to the public. It has not been published in a peer-reviewed journal and it is impossible to tell if the study was biased in SeroVital’s favor.

Dr. Peter Griffiths, shares his opinion on the study:

“Even if this product works as claimed, their own study admits it is equivalent to 0.06iu of injected GH, a dose which anyone who has used real injected GH will tell you has virtually no fat loss effects.” [9]

Is SeroVital Safe to Use?

SeroVital contains all-natural amino acids and ingredients for improving performance. It does not come with the typical side effects associated with a caffeine-based pill, simply because it doesn’t contain any stimulants.

Although I’m not particularly concerned about its individual ingredients, I do think consumers should approach any proprietary blend with caution. does not specify how much of each ingredient is used, which makes me question its performance. Too much of an ingredient won’t provide any effect at all, while too much may cause negative side effects.

For example, arginine boosts HGH production when taken in 5-9 g doses. Any less than that and it won’t work. On the other hand, too much arginine is known to cause negative side effects such as abdominal pain, bloating, diarrhea, gout, and low blood pressure.

If you are taking any blood pressure medication, consult your doctor to ensure it won’t interact negatively with the arginine in SeroVital.

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Is SeroVital Legal?

HGH injections are illegal to use without a doctor’s prescription.

However, SeroVital does not contain any hormones, HGH or otherwise. Rather, it contains all-natural ingredients, many of which are found in common foods.

SeroVital is classified as a dietary supplement and does not require FDA-approval or a doctor’s prescription. It is completely legal to use on a regular basis, even if you don’t have an HGH deficiency.

However, supplement regulations for sports and work offices vary between organizations. It is important consult your organization head before using SeroVital.

How to Get the Best Results

While increasing HGH levels is a great way to improve body composition, SeroVital is not the perfect solution everyone is looking for.

According to Kerry Pack, communications specialist with Sierra Research Group:

“You can’t sit on the couch eating French fries all day and expect this formula to work like a ‘magic pill.’ It’s designed to be one part of a healthy lifestyle. Plus, it needs to be taken on an empty stomach so the amino acids in food can’t interfere with the way the proprietary formula works.” [10]

Usage instructions at are vague at best. As far as I can tell, users should take SeroVital in the morning, 2 hours before eating breakfast, or in the evening before bed, at least 2 hours after your last meal.

Do not exceed more than 4 capsules in any 24 hour period.

What Consumers Have to Say About SeroVital

Despite celebrity endorsement, many consumers are complaining about SeroVital’s inability to produce reliable results.

According to Jacked Again at, “I have used this product for almost 2 weeks and have not seen a single change or improvement in the way I look or feel. It’s expensive and offers end results which are surely a lure only to buy the product. I will not buy this product again.”

To Which llocool adds, “I’m on my 3rd week of taking it, i take it first thing in the morning, sometimes i have to wake up just to take it then go back to sleep because it says to only take it on an empty stomach so i cant eat for two hours after taking it so that takes some planning. I havent seen any results as of yet, im not sure how long it takes. I just ordered my second month so i will report back.”

Consumers should be aware that it may take weeks or even months before SeroVital will take effect, which means you’ll have to order multiple bottles before experiencing any improvement.
This makes SeroVital look like a money trap, requiring a huge investment with little or no benefit in return.

Is SeroVital Affordable?

SeroVital’s greatest disadvantage is the hefty price tag. Many consumers would love to try SeroVital and enjoy its potential benefits, but more often than not, can’t afford the monthly price.
A single SeroVital bottle retails for nearly $100 a bottle, which is a fraction the amount of HGH injections but still more than many consumers are willing to pay.

Even if you shop around, SeroVital is not easy to find and purchase outside of

You can order SeroVital from for $99 a bottle, but it’s often out of stock due to high demand.

Even if you search for Growth Factor 9 which uses SeroVital’s formula, the product is still pretty pricey:

• $99 (+$6.95 in shipping)
• $99.99
• $99.99
• $99.99

Is There a Return Policy? mentions a 100% money-back guarantee but fails to specify the terms and conditions for the guarantee. It’s possible that the product is only backed for 30 days which is not enough time to determine effectiveness. Or perhaps it comes with an unbeatable lifetime guarantee on all products, even opened bottles.

I attempted to contact customer service for information on their return policy but have yet to receive an answer to my inquiries.

If you know more about the money-back guarantee, please fill in the gaps by leaving a comment below.

More About the Manufacturers

SeroVital is owned by SanMedica International, though the formula itself is also licensed among two other companies: Novex Biotech and AlphaGen BioTech.

Despite SeroVital’s glowing reputation, not a lot of information is available on SanMedica International. From what I’ve found, SanMedica International is a limited license company that has only been around in the last couple years.

Whether SanMedica International will continue to produce successful products is unknown.

Pick It or Pitch It?

SeroVital does have some potential for improving HGH production and optimizing physical performance, but I’m not convinced it’s worth the price.

The ingredients are essentially amino acids – which are easy for manufacturers to acquire and include in their supplements. Additionally, not all of the ingredients are clinically proven to specifically improve HGH production. Furthermore, the ingredients are hidden behind a proprietary blend so it’s impossible to tell if they’re used correctly.

The featured “study” behind SeroVital is promising, but until it’s been published in a peer-reviewed journal, I’m not convinced it will deliver reliable results on a regular basis.
Until more information is available on SeroVital, I do not feel comfortable recommending this product.

I am open to opinion, however, so what do you think? Is SeroVital a good choice?


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SeroVital HGH Customer Reviews

Average Rating :
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64 Reviews   |   Share Your Experience With Others
  1. Diane 03/02/2013

    I am sleeping better now,have only been using SeroViatl for 1 other results noted.I am 57 yrs old.

  2. Wendy 03/11/2013

    Used two days…..heart rate up, coughing with that rapid heart beat that takes your breath away, which is TYHROID. Not sure I plan to take this another day. I actually feel tired. This feels more like a caffeine stimulant. HMMM? too much hype.

  3. Christine 03/18/2013

    I am just noticing after 2 weeks that my Blood pressure is up and I don’t know if this is the reason. my skin seems good and I am sleeping pretty well but I am concerned. Does anyone know if that is a side effect. Can you take just 2 pills instead of 4??

    • Wayne 03/19/2013

      I think the instructions say to take 2 pills on an empty stomach. EITHER 2 in the morning OR 2 at night. Taking 4 day is overload.

  4. Pete Douglas 03/22/2013

    I just started taking SeroVital and have noticed an immediate result in energy. I’m 61 years old and disabled so I have been looking for something to help w/pain moods. SeroVital has helped with that. I’m on strong pain meds having 2 spine surgeries, 6 rgt knee surgeries, rgt shoulder surgery and cancer surgery. I have lost a lot of muscle weight cause it’s hard to eat when your in pain all the time. I will keep taking it and their guarantee is if your not satisfied with the results they claim you can get a 100% refund on it and stop the ordering if thats the option you chosen. At check out enter the code sero23 for free shipping. I forgot to do that and I called them and they refunded that cost. It’s a cheap price for me although I’m on SSDI but the results to me are worth it…….

  5. Florence 03/24/2013

    Sleeping better no other benefits so far but have only been on it for one month. Going to try a second month.

  6. karen whiley 03/27/2013

    my GFR rating is a little low. should I be taking this?

    • admin 03/28/2013

      Karen, when in doubt, always consult your doctor.

  7. Dr. Sidney Hines 03/27/2013

    As a medical doctor I compared SeroVital HGH to others and found it lacking in a lot of needed ingredients to make HGH this is a mid-grade at best Metabolic Diets GH-Booster Version 4 is a much better and lower priced HGH and a much better formulation. Fountain Of Youth HGH Complete is the second best. GH-Booster is available through either their own website and both are available through Body Building . com

  8. Haye Khan 04/01/2013

    Tried for 27 days.Going to try for one more month before quitting.

  9. Haye Khan 04/01/2013

    Tried for 27 days.No remarkable benefit.I am going to try for 30 more days before quitting.Doubt about money back.

  10. betsy 04/03/2013

    Is is not hard for me to take the 4 capsules every night before bed with water. I am an optimist as well as a realist. I cannot expect 82 years of abuse from sun, damage to hips, knees, and neck to be cured in 1 or 2 or even 3 weeks. I am sleeping better now and I am hopeful that my skin will heal after the damage from bruising caused by Plavix. No side effects at all. Patience and give it a chance is my motto.

    • Mkelly 04/14/2013

      The dosage is only 2 capsules a day….

      • dollydog 06/02/2013

        I just got it and it says 4 and that is what is in the individual packets. Take four on an empty stomach.

      • Charlotte junkins 07/20/2014

        The dosage is 4 cap on the serovital box and it’s packaged in 4 each you can split it up but I don’t.

  11. Bonnie Riipinen 04/20/2013

    I’ve been taking SeroVital HGH for about 3 weeks and I’m very impressed with the results! I sleep better, my mood and sex drive have improved and my skin is smoother. I will definitely keep taking them. My husband is so pleased with the results he sees in me, he plans on taking them also.

    • Trudy Tenk 11/14/2014

      I just started SeroVital I’m hoping it works for me but reading alot of stories of others saying its not working. Scares me I’m 48 and I’ve tried so many diet plans wasted so much money and I want so much to improve my mood,and lose weight,specially for my husband. I was thinking of trying Vysera-CLS but not sure if I should. That one saids reshapes body 30days they call it the miracle pill.would you know anything about that one? Thank you Trudy

  12. LA 04/27/2013

    MKelly you keep posting the dosage is 2 capsules per day…I am looking at the product and it indicates on the directions that the dosage is 4 capsules per day. Where are you getting your info?

    • Flyberny 08/11/2013

      “Directions for use: Adults take 4 capsules by mouth on an empty stomach, either in morning two hours before breakfast or two hours after dinner prior to bedtime. Do not exceed 4 capsules in any 24 hour period.” – My Serovital HGH box which contains 120 capsules divided into individual packets each containing 4 capsules.

  13. P.J. 04/30/2013

    This product did not work at all. And, they do not honor the money back guarantee. Do not order this product. Another scheme to make money.
    My rating is zero!!!!!!!!!

  14. Crystal 05/02/2013

    I’ve been taking this almost 2 months now, with just a little improvement. Can you take this, if you are on anti-depressants?

    • admin 05/10/2013

      Crystal, that’s a question you will need to ask your doctor. We are a review site, so we aren’t experts on each supplement and its effects when combined with other medications. Good luck!

    • sally a. polacek 08/06/2014

      I am on antidepressant & low dose lorazapan. Should have interaction?

      • cyanfern 09/15/2014

        Nope, you’re fine!

  15. Dena Rabara 05/13/2013

    I have been taking this for two weeks and just cancelled my auto shipping due to the fact that I’m not seeing or feeling any difference… I have been reading up on this and from what I’ve read, and how I feel,I don’t think it’s worth the money. I will continue to take the rest of the box due to the fact that it cost $99.00, but will not reorder.

    • Trudy Tenk 11/15/2014

      You can get your money back it is 100%money back .

  16. Caroline 05/21/2013

    I am on the end of my 1st month taking HGH. After 2 wks I saw truly dramatic change in my ‘ropy’ neck, firmer lines around my eyes,and gradually am losing the deep wrinkles around my mouth, & jowls have firmed also. I have realized little increase in the energy level, but love the results in my face and neck.

  17. Shay 05/25/2013

    The first month I didn’t think I noticed anything but by the second month I felt fine (normal)…Then I stopped for a month. Wow, then I noticed all the subtle aches & pains of life return. So now I am definately purchasing some more. Also, my mom has not been able to sleep for years and has tried every natural product known to man but this is the only thing that has truly worked for her. Again, very subtle but worth it:)

  18. Bonnie 05/26/2013

    Try coconut oil. It is only $9.99, all natural and works like you wouldn’t believe, just rub it on your skin. Pineapple Juice is a great exfoliant, and a mashed banana makes a fabulous face and neck mask.. I had cancer and you get dried out, and this is all natural and it all works. I am 61 and very pleased.

  19. LA 05/28/2013

    I just finished one month of waking up 2 hrs earlier to swallow 4 huge pills, where is the fun, where are the results? I have another box (auto shipping) and if I don’t see any results I’m done. I am having the opposite results, no energy, headache and stomach aches. Before I started this little wonder drug I was running 3 miles 5 days a week, now I can barely get off the couch. Anyone else experiencing any of these side effects? I am not one to believe in a magic pill however, this seemed to have some medical integrity, or not.

    • dawne 06/22/2013

      I have only taken this for 4 days and I have had headaches, stomach problems and all around feel terrible. My heart rate is definately up also. I’m done with this….

    • SharonC 09/10/2014

      lol If in fact, you are truly having such negative results, then why would you continue to take them? Ask for a refund and return the product. Continuing to take something you claim is having such a negative outcome on you isn’t smart.

  20. ckrelnikov 05/30/2013

    I just started using the product 3 days out. Can you take it in the afternoon 2 hours after a meal and eat and hour or so after that?

  21. Goldia 06/06/2013

    It is one month I have been taking SeroVital. I am 74 yrs. old, I do not see any different in my appearance sleeping ,arthritis stress, energy, wrinkle’s or firmness on any part s of my body or do not feel any different, only hoping I will. I am thinking I may try it for one more month to see ,if in this older body it may take a little longer to respond. I am a very happy person with strong FAITH I do gardening, exercise. cook from scratch, entertain, do crafts n still roll on the floor with my grandkids.

  22. julie**** aesthetician 06/18/2013

    I really did not notice much as I have nice skin already at 39.I did however have itching and loss of period and bloating. Not Happy and now 30 days over not sure ifI get more so much money,,

  23. dee dee 06/25/2013

    I am 47yrs old and relatively fit. After only one week my skin is noticably smoother and strangely my eyelashes are visibly longer about half centimetre – seriously!! Too soon to notice any body changes though.

  24. olga 07/04/2013

    I did use this product only for two days.
    the first day in the morning i got a sharp pain in my lows.
    I didn’t understand where the pain is come in from large intestine
    or from woman lows. after one hour its when a way.
    as well I feel a lot of energy, and light fatigue. after two day I start bleeding my menstrual ,what i already just had. and I steal bleeding for a two weeks. at this moment I stop using it and wait ,maybe i will try again, but maybe not.

  25. Nona Fine 07/08/2013

    After taking for two months I had a marked improvement in general health…joints more comfortable, higher energy level. Did not notice any change in libido or skin.
    HUGH negative was that at 62 I started spotting, certainly not a side effect I was interested in having. I immediately stopped the product and contacted the company. They said to return the product and they would refund the cost of the unused box. Not enough time has passed to determine if that actually happens.

  26. Susan 08/01/2013

    4 days in. Headaches have gone. Still lots of gas that even Fennel seed tea can’t fix. A little bit more energy. Will not order again. Going to try a different product or just take suppliments that are present in ALL of these HGH releasers.I’m 63

  27. lily 09/04/2013

    SeroVital-hgh does not work, I tried 2 boxes, they guarantee your money back, I was paid for one box, but refused to pay me for the second box at Ulta in El Paso, Tex. I call the number in the box and they said NO Guarantee, yet, they wanted me to try 2 more baxes, what a laugh, this is all a scheme and they use Dr. Oz to sell their products

  28. anna 09/14/2013

    I am 54. I have taken it for 2 weeks now. I am convinced that every body is different. I think that you have to give it some time and be very aware of your body’s differences from one day to another. I have specifically noticed less pain in my legs when I’m working. I am curious to see what else I will notice in the next 2 weeks. I do take 4 pills 2 or more hours after I eat dinner.

  29. Helen 11/01/2013

    My experience after 2 weeks: I feel nauseous upon taking 4 pills, and think 2 at a time, 2x a day, still produces queasiness.
    Terrible rash, hives on my neck, hands and on my face have been occurring subsequently after starting. I spoke with a representative, that advised me stop taking immediately, and also customer service that others have complained of similar adverse effects, signs, and symptoms.
    I was assured and guaranteed of a full refund by both parties. The CSR informed me that it was my responsibility to pay for return shipping, which is unfair/unprofessional, was not my understanding after speaking with a Representative preceding my conversation with Customer Service. not good. Hoping they do the right thing. I’m hoping this rash clears up quickly. The Representative(Julie) that initially called was very professional.
    Oh well, I was hoping it would work and be a great thing for me.

  30. kathi 12/01/2013

    month one not much different.starting month two and feel more limber and do have small energy boost.gonna keep taking.

  31. T.J. 01/23/2014

    I have been taking SeroVital for nearly 7 months. I am toning my body and you would not believe the shape of my traps, biceps or triceps. My legs just explode. I just recently celebrated my 63rd. I lift 4 days a week and try to eat healthy but I do enjoy my cigars and beer.

  32. Gema 04/02/2014

    I’m 51 in 2 weeks after I took the pills I saw any changes particularly in my face but I’m just aware if there’s any side effect if I continue to used it any more months ahead…

  33. Michelle 04/17/2014

    Took Serovital for 5 months with absolutely NO CHANGES at all in my body or the way I felt. Trying another one now and after 2 months on this one, I will return it soon to get my money back. They all seem to be a rip off so far.

    • Pat 09/28/2014

      You must remember…as no one does…..that any product will only ‘work’ for you IF you NEED it. If your Hgh levels are fine, it will not help. This is why some of my patients will call me about the latest ‘buzz word’ product and the miracles it performed and they can’t understand why it didn’t help them. Many products do take about 90 days for a noticeable change tho’……Good luck!

  34. Cindy 05/25/2014

    I’m 43 and exercise consistently. I’m about to begin my second box of SeroVital. I would describe myself as very sensitive to any changes that go on in my body both physical and mental. After three weeks of taking this supplement (as prescribed) I have noticed a positive change in my mood and much better sleeping patterns. I wouldn’t go as far as saying my skin is firmer (yet), but I have definitely noticed enough improvement to purchase a second box. My husband also started taking the supplement and has already noticed improved sleep. No negative side effects for me so far. Reviews are definitely important to me, so I will comment again after second month.

    • Olga 07/21/2014

      Hi Cindy. Have you noticed any more improvements since your last posting of SeroVital in May. Just curious. Thanks

  35. JH 06/21/2014

    I have finished 1 box. I’m 56yrs old (female)and workout 5 days a week. I noticed (and others)that I get more pumped when I workout and I’m a little leaner. Other than that I haven’t noticed any difference in my skin or energy level. I’m going to by another box and see what happens.

  36. Marie 07/01/2014

    I have been taking it for three months. Along with regular exercise and healthy eating, I have had great results I have lost 20 pounds with a reduction of cellulite.

  37. Darlene 07/14/2014

    I’m 60 yrs of age, been using Serovital for over 3 months, my hair is long, thick and lush and my nails strong, beautiful. My skin is firmer, tighter, brighter and has a glow once again, and, before I began using the product my mind was dull, very forgetful, my body is becoming toned and tight and now weigh what I did at graduation. This is my fountain of youth and will continue to use it forever!!

  38. Charlotte 07/20/2014

    Just started on these and do not feel bad at all. Am keeping quiet until I know results for sure. Met a lady yesterday who swears by these. I thought she was 59 or 60. She was 73. And here daughter said her energy is unreal!!! I’m gonna try for at least two months

  39. Neva Pearson 08/21/2014

    I’ve noticed a difference in my face mostly in my lips they are fuller I sleep better I’m 76 but look 15 yr younger. At my age should I be taking SeroVital-hgh?

    • cyanfern 09/15/2014

      Neva, you’re fine to take SerooVital-HGH at your age. Let us know how it works!

  40. Delores White 08/27/2014

    I am 78 years old and have now been on sero vital since December 2013. I take it in the morning before eating anything. I have more energy and sleep better than before taking it. It has proven to be effective for me and I will continue using it.

  41. Cindy 08/30/2014

    On my 5th box of SeroVital. Still experiencing the same benefits last reported: improved sleep, energy levels, etc. I have been lifting weights for about two years and have noticed more visible gains in strength and muscle development. Not sure it’s the supplement, but the increase in such a short time is remarkable enough to mention. Noticeable improvements to skin tone as well.

  42. Anna 09/29/2014

    I am only thinking about using SeroVital. My main concern is: can this formulation also promote growth of tumors?

    Any feedbacks?



  43. Barbara 10/08/2014

    just bought a box at Costco.. $99 for 160 capsules.. have very low energy. probable low thyroid. but am avoiding going to doctor until 2015 as our doctor is not on our plan till then, as my coverage was cancelled under “affordable care” act. regardless..wrinkles are also an issue..usual 50+ complaints . will try these.. will report back half-way thru box.

  44. Lynn 12/10/2014

    Just finishing my first month of SeroVital. I have more energy and am sleeping better. However, the first week could not stop the itching! Have not lost weight, actually gained a few pounds, so disappointed in weight loss claims. I will try for a few more months. Age 60, female.

  45. Kim 12/12/2014

    I am 28 can i take this product?

    • cyanfern 01/22/2015

      Yes, Kim.

  46. Julie Hammond 12/23/2014

    This is my 4th month with SeroVital. My hair is thicker, my skin softer and firmer and best of all, what stamina I have. For a very busy 76 years, What fun I’m having and how many comments about my looks. It is the best! Thank you so much.

  47. Iris 06/22/2015

    Been taking the SeroVital liquid, two hours before breakfast in the morning, pills tend to made me nauseous when taken first thing, is been 3 weeks, so far no problems with the liquid, sleeping better, my hair is not falling like it was, I’m 55 very fit, nobody can tell my age, but I was starting to get the creepy skin and gaining weight even with exercising daily, I have to add that I have lost 5 pounds since taking the product. I will keep taking it to see what more improvements I see.

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