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Sytropin HGH Reviews

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Are you tired of looking older and older each day? Do you want to know why you age? It is most likely do to the fact that your body is no longer producing high amounts of HGH now that you are passed your 25th birthday.

HGH is the hormone that makes you look and feel young. When you are young, your body produces plenty of HGH.

As you get older though, your body’s production of HGH slows down. This can result in wrinkles, decreased energy, and decreased lean muscle.

What are people doing about their HGH shortage? Many people have turned to HGH supplementation to help slow down the aging process. One supplement that claims to be effective is Sytropin HGH.

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What is Sytropin HGH Spray?

Sytropin HGH is an HGH supplement in oral spray form that claims to help you look and feel younger, happier, and more energetic.
Sytropin HGH claims that by using an oral supplement spray, you are actually taking the supplement in the most potent form possible. Sytropin HGH claims that pills and injections are not as potent because they are broken down on your stomach. Other companies disagree with this statement and say that sprays are not as potent. You will have to decide that I guess since the research is split.
Sytropin HGH claims to be FDA approved which is most likely not true. It is a well-known fact that supplements are not regulated by the FDA directly. There are ingredients in Sytropin HGH that may have been proven safe by the FDA independently, but no supplement is actually regulated by the FDA.

What Ingredients are in Sytropin HGH?

Sytotropin HGH has some ingredients that have been proven to be effective mixed in with other ingredients that may not actually be effective. Some of their ingredients have been proven by research to be safe and effective which Is a good thing. However, they do use some ingredients that don’t actually have any application to HGH production.
Also, the ingredient amounts were not listed on the product’s main website. Some ingredients are only effects in certain amounts, but there is no real way of telling whether these ingredients are concentrated highly enough.

Side Effects

Sytropin HGH claims to be completely side effect free. Since you are absorbing this supplement in your mouth the possible digestive side effects that you may experience from other supplements simply are not a concern.

Our Opinion

We are undecided on this supplement. On one hand, they do include ingredients that have been proven effective. On the other hand, the amounts are not specified and some of the ingredients have not been proven to have any positive effects.

The product seems to be safe, so if you really want to try this product we say go for it. There is a 90 day money back guarantee that you can take advantage of if you do not see the results you were hoping for.

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Sytropin HGH Customer Reviews

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  1. bob h 11/27/2012

    well iv tryd it for six weeks and i do feel better and stronger and my skin is better and i do sleep better im 59 i can use all the help i can find so far i feelas good wen i was early 40s

  2. derrick bod 03/16/2013

    do not order the free trial of sytropin, because i didint recieve it and thay trying to charge me for something i didnt recieve.its a con.

  3. Steve Butcher 03/22/2013

    This is the worst company Ive ever delt with. The free trial is not free at all they will bill you $87.50 after 14 days and the company is extremely hard to deal with. Ive never delt with so many disgruntled unhelpful employees in my life. My hats off to them for their sneaky free trial move and had they just told me up front I would have probably purchased the product outright. Anyway I would steer clear of this company and I personally hope and have no doubt this company is going to fall flat on its face with these type of practices.

  4. Costa 03/25/2013

    so far so good I just feel better taking this and can sleep easier now than before I was taking it.

  5. Lester 04/29/2013

    Never order the trial that they offer! Terrible company. After sometime they sent me two bottles without even ordering and they charged me with 87.80 dollars.

  6. Richard 05/06/2013

    I purchased syntropin oral spary last year. After my move I could not find the bottles. The lot number is 9191 and exp 0912. Never opened the botttles. They have been expired 8 months. should I throw them away?

    • admin 05/10/2013

      Richard, that’s a question you’ll have to directly ask Syntropin Oral makers. However, generally speaking, you shouldn’t use supplements that are past their expiration date.

  7. Ernest Maddox 05/07/2013

    Do not send me anymore Sytropin. (STRPN-438259) Cancel the Order.

    • admin 05/10/2013

      Hi Ernest, we are simply a review site, so we don’t sell any supplements. That said, to cancel your orders, you will need to contact the company or website you made the purchase through. If you don’t remember where you bought it, that info should be on your credit card purchase receipt. Best of luck!

  8. Michal 05/31/2015

    Sytropin has been one of the best HGH supplement.

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